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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bombay...Here I come

Have spent the last 4 days...packing...thinking about packing....boxing everything....and getting ready for the move...

I have been missing Bombay way too much and have decided that I can't bear the seperation kee dewaar anymore... so I am off .... leaving for Bombay in a few hours... there is still a whole lot that needs to be taken care of before I leave....I hope to get it done soon...he he (recurring thought for the past 48 hours now!!!)

This is gonna be one hell of a trip... a few weddings to attend... best friends getting married...and then some more....

Next update.... from Bombay!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, November 07, 2003

Bathroom Singing

What song do you sing in your bathroom shower? I caught myself singing Boss Kaun tha from Jhankaar beats... I play this song on the computer every evening...overdose I guess!!!

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Are we going to be friends forever? Asked Piglet. Even longer, Pooh answered.
--A. A. Milne in Winnie the Pooh

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Cricinfo or Rediff??

I've spent the entire morning following the match online. I was alternating between cricinfo and rediff to see which one had a faster feed. But kya faayda hua??? saala waste
hai.. 4 hours of my working day gone...whooshh... just like dat... only coz I was hoping India would win...The bowling changes did not make sense to me at all... can anyone please shed some light as to what the Indian captain was thinkng??

Woke up at 4:00 am to watch the match ... only to see that bloody Jayaprakash give Sachin out LBW on a ball that was clearly not gonna hit his off-stump...WTF???

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Matrix Revolutions

Sad as I was to see the trilogy end, I felt that Revolutions was a strong movie. The plotline was good, and while many may say it left something to be desired, I don't believe it did. The plot left nothing to be desired. It was perfect, and by perfect, I mean, perhaps not what the audience wants or expects, but what the movie needs. The Wachowski brothers have assembled a true masterpiece, and Revolutions brings it all together, leaving the audience wishing there could be more, yet looking back on the Matrix with respect.

That in a nutshell is my review for the movie. Not everyone who saw the movie with me yesterday would agree with me on this but I felt that there was no better way to end the war between the human and the machines. I could actually go on and on but then I am afraid I would give out a lot more than I would want to. I think everyone must watch the third movie of this awesome trilogy. In the end, you will have to believe what you want to believe. The original Matrix was tighter in terms of narrative. The stupefying effect that we experienced along with Neo when he becomes conscious about the matrix simply cannot be duplicated in the sequels. Instead, I decided to just ride along with Neo figuring out the puzzle with him.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Right now…

1.   My favorite lyrics are "With or without you" by U2
2.   My favorite book remains "The Godfather"
3.   My favorite magazine is “Cosmopolitan” especially at lunch.
4.   My favorite font is Tahoma
5.   My favorite color is Blue
6.   My favorite bathing soap is Dettol
7.   My favorite article of clothing is my denim jacket
8.   My favorite jewelry is that black bead necklace that I still have to buy
9.   My favorite software is Irfan Viewer
10. My favorite makeup is black eyeliner from Maybelline
11. My favorite trip is the drive to Washington DC
12. My favorite dream is the one with Ayushi and me chatting away
13. My favorite food is chocolate cherry bread from Panera’s
14. My favorite film is "DDLJ"
15. My favorite pastime is watching TV
16. My favorite drink is Peach Schnapps OTR
17. My favorite sleeping position is “the namaz position”
18. My favorite appliance is the new digital camera
19. My favorite room decoration item are glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling
20. My favorite store would always be “Express”
21. My favorite restaurant is “Macaroni Grill”
22. My favorite TV show is “Jassi Jaisi...Koi Nahin

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Happiness is...

Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid.

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Run the spellcheck function that comes with BLOGGER- the one that appears as the first button on the top right corner of the New post pane on the Posts tab. The word blog doesn't exist in the BLOGGER dictionary! Isn't that something??

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