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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I hate Macintosh

Two weeks of mehnat… real hard work... it all looked so pretty on my machine... and then a Mac happened to it. All the prettiness gone. All the precision gone… the images look BAD…tell me again... Why do ppl insist on using Macs?? What is wrong with Microsoft ka technology?? Or why does my code have to behave different on different systems?? Or why do clients have such huge demands?? Or why can’t I have a Mac to test this before I send it out to the client?? Why? Why?? Why???

If I am asking for stuff, there could be a lot more that I could want….but this frustration is killing me right now!!!

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


I can't get to ze blog.. I get a 404 error every time I go to the page... The interface seems to be OK...Am also having trouble getting to TOI... Work is keepin me quite busy.. and with no TOI and no ***, I dunno what else to do to take a break from the monotony!!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

10 years ago

  1. I had given my 10th standard exams… (Was it really that long ago??)
  2. MTV would actually air English music videos.
  3. My best friend then was Sahana Rao…I have no idea where she is in life.
  4.  I used to have this one pair of Jeans that had ‘Bon Jovi’ written on one leg in Black felt pen.
  5.  Mario and Contra were an obsession.
  6.  I did not know anyone of the people that I now call my best friends.
  7.  My room had a balcony with wooden swings.
  8.  My vacation time would be spent with my cousins…always… that year was the Andaman Islands.
  9.  A trip to Fashion Street would be a one whole day trip. 
  10. I wanted to be an Engineer by day and a Chartered Accountant by night.


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Thursday, July 15, 2004


First there was a trip to Florida...We spent a significant amount of time at the beach on a single day, and in spite of having slathered myself with sun block, I got tanned. At the end of the day, I had brown(er) arms and two lines on my shoulders that were my original skin color.

The skin soon started peeling off and it was getting really ugly...

My skin had not completely recovered from the damage inflicted on it in Florida and yet another trip was planned. This time to West Virginia - spending an entire day on the river. Since it was cloudy, I did not bother with the sunscreen(what was I thinking)!! So at the end of an adventurous day with the rapids, I had yet another tan line...This time on my arms and legs...

My hands now have three different shades of skin...I am terribly sun burnt...and have bought a huge bottle of sun block that I intend to use whenever I step out of the house...sunny or not!!!!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

God Bless...

About two weeks ago I had gone back to Akron to spend some time with my friends. It was Brijesh’s birthday weekend and I simply could not miss it for anything… So I decided to go there and surprise him at the party which of course worked like a charm. The look on his face when he saw me was pretty much *priceless*.

I had a fun weekend there with the party on Friday night, watching the Euro 2004 QF on Saturday afternoon, going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum on Sunday and Avi getting his second speeding ticket on the way back from there…and just going by my lazy standards that is a lot for one weekend…not to mention all the drinking on all three nights…

The plan for the rest of the week was to chill on Monday and Tuesday…catch the Dave Matthews Band concert on Tuesday evening and take the early morning flight out on Wednesday. Things seemed to be going along as planned with Monday and Tuesday being extremely laid back…the concert on Tuesday was fun too… I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I knew the lyrics to more songs than I did… There were times when I simply felt lost among all the die hard DMB fans and that smell of weed all around… but then again… an evening out with friends is always great fun no matter what…

So comes Wednesday morning… I am all packed ready to leave for the airport when I checked my wallet and realized that I do not have my I.D. in there… so began the frantic search to look for it all over the place. Checked my jeans… my bag…the car…just about every place possible…but could not find the damn thing. And ever since the rules here got stricter, I could not fly without a proper ID. The airport authorities said that my college ID would not work… so I was essentially stuck there coz I lost my license… there is still some ongoing controversy as to who actually lost it…I could not fly out for another two days until I had my passport express shipped to me.

The thought of getting a duplicate license and going through the hassles of making a police complaint was quite daunting. But I had to wait for a while before I could do that coz as soon as I got back from Akron; I was again away for a week in VA for some work. I got back from VA that I checked my mail...and I see this parcel from USPS sent by some guy from an unknown address in Akron… For a moment I thought…hmmm… could this be what I am hoping it is...and as I tear open the packet, out comes a letter that said that this dude found my license at Blossom Music Center and so was mailing it to me. I was so fuckin happy to see my license staring back at me in my own hands…

I sincerely want to thank Rob Grant for doing this. He has really saved me from a lot of agony. I hope that the next time I go to Akron; I can meet him personally and let him know how he has been like an angel to me.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

I had a choice….

… to either go back home after being on a week long vacation and catch up on some much needed sleep or get some dinner outside…catch a movie…and then go home. I made the wrong choice. I ended up going to watch Spidey 2.

OK... It’s not like I usually go for movies expecting too much… which would explain why I like almost every movie that I see…but this one was such a huge disappointment. It had too much talking and not enough action. I was in fact even getting sleepy at some points. It was nothing but a big love story!! I mean, I don't mind love stories, but I really wasn't expecting it to go that far.

There were certain scenes in the movie that to me looked like they were picked out of a Yashraj films and SRK was talking in English… way too much mush … It was just awful…. There were certain scenes that made absolutely no sense… like this one of a little girl pulling Spidey out when he could not get himself to climb up... That was just ridiculous.

I guess it could be that I did actually go expecting it to be like the first movie... with good actions scenes and well defined characters…but what we get instead is just a plain story where you almost know what to expect next and which is not even half as good as the first one... There were of course all the elements that told us that there is gonna be apart 3... But if it is anything like this one, I think I will just wait to catch it on the DVD…

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